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Harris Image Makers located in Scottsdale, Arizona has photographs of beautiful scenery and women I have taken.  I photograph exquisite women and present images I have taken of what I choose to call "Unforgettable" women.  My goal is to photograph women who possess rare and unique features that honors and portrays them in the most favorable manner.  Each year I choose the most "Unforgettable" woman and she will be highlighted on this website for the following 12 months.  The 2015 winner was Danielle and images of this gorgeous woman can be found on the "Annual Winners" page.

Beginning in 2016 I will concentrate on fashion sessions with the goal to create images equal to those found in Vogue or Vanity Fair.  Some photographs from these sessions can be found on my Fashion Gallery page.

In today's digital world many photographers do significant editing of their photographs and, in my opinion, it can misrepresent the model.  I am familiar with Photoshop and its wonderful tools but use them sparingly since my goal is to present women as accurately as possible.  My search is to seek, find and photograph these rare and exquisitely beautiful women who deserve to be given their share of fame and to have images created of which they can be proud.

I am also available for photo sessions where the model wishes to have me be their photographer and she pays me for these sessions.  Photographs from these sessions become the property of the model and she maintains the rights to them.  If that is your wish please let me know by email on the link below.  My studio is in Scottsdale, Arizona and this is where most of the sessions occur.  Occasionally, when weather permits outdoor sessions happen.

If you wish to contact me my email address is:   heavenlyazbodies@att.net

All images on this website are protected by copyright law and no re-use or republication is permitted without my written permission.

Behind every successful woman there is a man who tried to hold her back.

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Honoring Nature And Exquisite Women Thru Photography.