The 2013 winner was the gorgeous Logan.

My choice in 2017 was the beautiful Bellzora seen below.

 The winner in 2020 was lovely  Veronica LaVery below.

In 2011 I had a difficult time deciding so Ali on the left and Jennifer on the right shared the honor.

The 2014 Winner was the striking Sonja.

In 2010 the decision was not easy (never is) so Natalie on the left and Lynda on the right shared the honor.

Lovely Loe the 2019 Winner..below

Annual Winners

The 2015 winner was the beautiful Danielle in the photo below.

The 2012 winner was the lovely Michelle as seen below.

The gorgeous Liz Ashley is the 2021 winner as the most "Unforgettable Woman".

The 2016 Winner was gorgeous Tristan as seen below.

Lovely Briana...2018